The impressions of childhood, the experiences before puberty stimulate and determine the artistic creativity; what one encounters later in life combines with the impressions of early youth into a work of art. Armin Strittmatter has confided to me the experiences of his childhood. This has shed some light on the foundation of his work and his personality. At the same time it expresses the high esteem he holds for his father, his first master.strittmatter
The early part of his life was decisively influenced by working with colours to capture the impressions of his environment, the Black Forest, where he was born on the 6th of December 1959. Thus, one could surely speak of an inherited or acquired inclination to art. But those early works can by no means be compared to his current style which ranges from capturing impressions of life and nature to creating abstract art. Years of experience have formed an artist out of him, one who again and again, inquisitively experiments with colours, forms and techniques. His limitless potential for fantasy and creativity allows him to stretch boundaries. The tension between intimacy and monumental colour is another feature of his works. An art which is created by an imperative compulsion to work.
And Armin Strittmatter as a person, the development of this special individual who was formed under these given circumstances? Self-confidence, doubts, happiness, dejection, a person glowing with ambition and an urge to communicate. Every movement, every stroke of his paintbrush is pre-destined and self-contained. A person who has neither forgotten nor denies his own roots.
Art patrons such as those in past centuries, have become rare in our days. They often act out of vanity or because of a misunderstood urge to impress others. Despite these difficulties, Armin Strittmatter has been able to convince connoisseurs and enthusiasts of art, expert or amateur alike, the medias, galleries, and – last but not least – enthusiastic buyers of his ability. His constantly developing art which has a life of its own, offers its admirers a festival of sheer enjoyment.